The EMBARK Series

As Earth faces its end, the fight to rule the stars begins..

2021 Taleflick Discovery Sci-Fi Award Winner

Available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle Unlimited.

EMBARK 1-3 ebook Box Set now available.

“The writing is great, the story is captivating, and the universe it is set in is fascinating.”

“A fantastic space adventure that opens a galaxy of limitless possibilities”


Book 1. If the world ends, who would you want by your side when entering the unknown? Learn more here!

Book 4. Gahan Corbijn survived the evacuation of Earth. Now, for the former rockstar, stuck on a rock in the middle of space, running low on fuel and oxygen is the least of his problems. Learn more here!

Book 2. They found a new home, but for Earth’s evacuees, the danger is just beginning.  Learn more here!

Book 5. Luna thought she was traveling to the happiest place on Earth. She’s about to discover it’s her worst nightmare. Learn more here!

Book 3. War with DeCorp and its ruthless leader is imminent. Now, only the truth can stop it. Learn more here!

Book 6. Luna is about to find out when you’ve got nothing to lose, there’s nothing you won’t try. Learn more here!

EMBARK: Battle Planet (Book 7) NOW AVAILABLE!

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