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As a die hard Depeche Mode fan for more than 30 years, the MNW Depeche Mode podcast is a must listen for any fan. Get any and all breaking news about the band and their solo projects. Plus podcasts devoted to the extensive history of the band and their cultural impact. A DM podcast for the fans by a fan! Subscribe to the Jon Justice My Nerd World and MNW Breaking News podcasts by going here.

A Depeche Mode Podcast: New DM Covers Versions, A Broken Frame Revisit (28)
December 7, 2018

This week from the world we live in and life and general, host Jon Justice talks:

-Whats old is new again as current tours cover Depeche Mode live and Def Leppard releases a new cover of Personal Jesus

-Revisiting the back catalogue continues, this week A Broken Frame

Plus listener feedback and more.

A Depeche Mode Podcast: Holiday Mode, Speak and Spell Revisit (27)
November 26, 2018

The world we live and life in general, Jon Justice hosts the weekly Depeche Mode show. This week…

-Starting the DM revisit of every major release with a look back at Speak and Spell

-Holidays and Depeche Mode, does it fit?

Plus listener feedback and more.


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