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Tuesday July 7th 2020

I am faced with a good problem. I have this, what I believe is an amazing idea for story, the one I mentioned yesterday. I haven’t sat down and hashed everything out completely, instead I have been continuously taking moments of the day and putting ideas down. I have a complete three story arc, which includes the finale’s of three stories. The good problem is that I still have to wrap up Book 4 in EMBARK before I can dive into this new tale. This means, the EMBARK series takes a bit of a break, which I am kind of okay with. If EMBARK were currently a runaway hit I would continue with the stories, of which I have plots ready. Since I am newer author and still need to grow an audience, I feel comfortable starting a second series. Tomorrow I’ll write a bit about the only struggle I have with the new trilogy, choosing the right genre. Do I stick with one, or do I attempt a combination of genres that might be less mass appeal?

BTW I am running a promotion with Booksy today, trying out their service. Because of that you can pick up EMBARK book 1 in ebook for .99 and Books 2 and 3 for 2.99!

Monday July 6th 2020

Sitting in the studio, just wrapped up all the prep I am going to get to before the show starts. I say “going to get to” because it’s not all the prep, it never is. I’ll always over prep for the show…always. It’s a long tradition, turned habit, ever since I started doing talk radio back in 2005. Better to have more material and not use it, then run out of material when you need it.

The 4th of July celebration was fun. My boys did their best to unnecessarily burn the house down. They failed, which is good. I intended to do a lot of reading and line by line editing of EMBARK book 4. And, while I did get some of that done, I actually started a new project. I had been detailing a few plot elements for Book 5 in the EMBARK series. Still, I had to force the creativity and story elements, which I never want to do. After watching a few movies with the family, I was struck with a story idea, something totally fresh and far from the first 4 novels. I spent time over the weekend, working out details, characters, and, more importantly, plot. I now have a loose outline for an all-new trilogy. After I release Book 4 in EMBARK, I am going to get working on this new set of stories, and I am as excited I was when I started EMBARK. Currently, the plan is to write all three books at one time and then release them over three months next year. That may change, but for now, that’s the idea.
I’m really thankful for having the inspiration for this new tale. Every day, I pray for the success of the EMBARK series and continue to learn how to best market the books. Ultimately I’ll leave in the Lord’s hands to decide how strong the winds will blow into the sales I have raised in becoming an author. In the meantime, my mind is racing about story elements, characters, and settings in this all-new world I’ll be creating.


Saturday July 4th 2020

Happy 4th of July! I finally wrapped up the Grammarly edit on book 4 so now it’s time for me to start my re-read and make any additional changes before I hand it off for editing. I’ve also started “outlining” the next trilogy. I am more of a pantser (I don’t plot so much when I write, I more write by the seat of my pants) but for the next trilogy I’m going to challenge myself a bit and try to craft an arc of stories a little less derivative than the first three. I’ve written a few thousand words for book 5 already, but I’m thinking I’ll be shifting some of that around too.

I pray you have a great and safe holiday weekend! BTW all three ebooks are discounted this weekend if you haven’t picked up your copy yet of the trilogy.


Friday July 3rd 2020

So much for this being a daily blog. I ended up going out on a “friend of the show” boat yesterday with Drew and Sam (friends and people I work with) and with Friday being a day off I pretty much checked out the rest of Thursday. Honestly, the reason I decided to write a daily blog was simply to get into the habit. This website is really important for promoting my novels and who knows, one day if I were to become the JK Rowling or Alan Dean Foster of newer sci-fi/space opera then maybe people will be interested in my daily musings.

As soon as I wrap up this entry I’m going to get back to work editing Book 4 in the EMBARK series. I’m in the process of running the entire book through Grammarly. After that I’ll be re-reading the book and making changes. I listened to an author give some fantastic advice and provide examples of “showing” not “telling” in a story during a recent podcast. I do an okay job of that, (showing vs telling) but armed with more education I’m looking forward to using the info to better this and future stories.

Have a fantastic July 4th celebration!

Wed July 1st 2020

Birthday month! July 8th to be more specific, but I am about at the point were I might stop paying attention to the day I entered the world, turning 48 and all. Plus, 2020 is certainly going to be a year worth forgetting and yet almost impossible to do so. On the book side of things, I can’t express what a blessing becoming an author has been. The story telling has become my go to outlet to get away from the daily doom and gloom. I look forward to go back long from now and re-reading the first 3 books in the EMBARK series, they will undoubtedly be telling about where my mind set was during these past few years in my life. It wasn’t until I finished the Vanishing War that I realized what I had created was part allegory to the events we have been living through from 2015-the present. EMBARK was crafted during the hype of The Force Awakens, Ready Player One and the Last Jedi. With Treasure in Darkness and Book 3 the subtext was affected more by the politics and narratives of the daily news, even if the stories are not all that political. Hopefully you have picked up your copies! 🙂

Tues June 30th 2020

I hate having to do things after work. I know things have to be done, like rotating tires, renewing drivers licenses and getting the oil changed, but when I have other things that I’d rather be doing, like editing my next book, I would rather be doing the book stuff. Anyhow, here I sit inside Tires Plus. I could be editing book 4 through Grammarly, but unfortunately my laptop can’t keep up with the programs constant updating so I have to wait until I can get on my main computer at home. All that being said, I am really excited about this next story. I am always excited about all my books, but this next one is, a little shorter, a lot funnier, and just different from the first three books. Hopefully it will be available by mid-September, at least thats the plan. Before I go, be sure to check out the home page here. I upgraded the EMBARK Book 1 cover and I love it. Head to the home page and meet the team! Lastly, have you reviewed the first three books!? If you haven’t, why not!? 🙂 It would really help me out if you have purchased Books 1/2/3 if you could drop a review for me. Thanks!

Mon June 29th 2020

Alarm was reset this morning from 2:30 to 2:45a, I’m such a rebel.

Immediately after sitting down at my desk this morning, sipping my really bad first cup of coffee (Its my own fault, I have no idea how much or little grounds I am supposed to use, my goal is to wake up, I always power thru the taste) I cautiously start looking at the most recent headlines. Ugh…I can’t wait for a time like it was pre-covid and a non-election year. I love my full-time job, but this year it’s been kinda depressing.

I’m running ahead of schedule so I’m going to try and get some editing done on BOOK 4 after I finish my notes before the show starts.


Sun June 28th 2020

I wrapped up the first draft for Book 4 yesterday like I intended. I’ll start the first read thru today, probably during the triple header NASCAR races at Pocono. This book, being essentially a spin off story, I had planned on it being around 60k words. The EMBARK trilogy was 120k 90k 10k. I really wanted this story to be more of a fun adventure. I ended up at around 53K, so I might try and punch up a few sections of the story. Alright, I need coffee and pop tarts. Have a blessed and fantastic day!


Sat June 27th 2020

Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by My Nerd World. I decided to start adding a small daily blog chronicling my journey as an author. Some days maybe short (like today) other days longer (not like today).

I just wrapped up a bunch of small updates to the site, probably nothing all that noticeable. I recently added “Join the team…Save the Future!” to the promotional tag line of the trilogy. I’m always trying to find new ways spark potential readers imaginations, you just never know what will work.

As soon as I wrap this post I’ll be finishing the first draft on book 4 in the EMBARK Timeline. If you want more details ( and don’t mind slight spoilers if you have not read Book 3) take a look at the art page on this site for a preview of the cover). This next book will be quite a departure from the first 3 books. I decided to write 4 in first person (the EMBARK trilogy is written in 3rd person omniscient) and its light hearted and funnier than the previous 3. I wanted something more along the lines of Space Opera Indiana Jones and specifically the fun of The Last Crusade. After I wrap up the first draft of book 4 I’ll be recording this weeks Star Wars Podcast.

I hope you are safe, happy and healthy in these strange times. Be sure to grab your preferred versions of the EMBARK Trilogy. They are perfect for binge reading and escaping from the realities of present day.


AVAILABLE NOW-EMBARK: The Vanishing War marks the epic conclusion to the opening trilogy in the EMBARK series, by Jon “Justice” LoGiudice

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