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A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise of Skywalker at SDCC (download) 
Duration: 01:25:13 – Published: July 20, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: Attack of the Sith Troopers (download) 
Duration: 01:43:46 – Published: July 13, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise of Skywalker, if not Reylo, Then what else is there?
Duration: 01:16:41 – Published: July 7, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: Daisy Ridley Press Tour and The Case For Reylo in The Rise of Skywalker PT2 (download)  
Duration: 01:33:57 – Published: June 30, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: The Case For and Against Reylo in The Rise of Skywalker Pt1 (download) 
Duration: 01:25:19 – Published: June 22, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise Of Skywalker New Leaks, Rumors and Recycled ROTJ ideas (download) 
Duration: 01:16:49 – Published: June 15, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: Reylo’s Reforged Helmet and new The Rise of Skywalker rumors (download) 
Duration: 01:34:42 – Published: June 8, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: Sequel Trilogy not planned out? KOTOR is a great idea! (download) 
Duration: 01:13:43 – Published: June 1, 2019

A Star Wars Podcast: Vanity Fair and Reylo’s Red Thread-Fate (Download) 
May 26, 2019

This week from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice.

-Rumor of script for KOTOR movie?

-Vanity Fair dropped their photos and coverage of The Rise of Skywalker

-Why I am more excited than ever for The Rise of Skywalker

-Why Star Wars needs to always take risks

-Lots of Reylo talk and the Red Thread of fate

-Listener feedback and more!

A Star Wars Podcast: The Future Star Wars Films, Countdown to The Rise of Skywalker
May 12, 2019 (Download)

From a Galaxy Far Far Away with host Jon Justice. This week on the show!

-Making sense and what’s really happening with the future Star Wars release schedule

-What Disney must do to make Star Wars endure, what I would do.

-Making the most of the rest of the year leading up to The Rise of Skywalker

-Was The Last Jedi actually the sequel to Return of the Jedi?

-Latest leaks and rumors

-Listener Feedback and the all new AFTER SHOW……
A Star Wars Podcast: May the 4th Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Special and More!
May 4, 2019 (download)

This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away with Host Jon Justice:

-Remembering Peter Mayhew

-May the 4th Star Wars saga three acts in three trilogies talk

-The perfect double feature AOTC and The Last Jedi

-Recent Star Wars TV and future movies news


Jungle Wars

Old Plot leak might be real?

How does the Rise of Skywalker end??

-Listener feedback!

A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler-Speculation Spectacular! (DOWNLOAD
April 27, 2019

This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away with host Jon Justice:

-Marvel vs Star Wars and why I love the latter so much more.

-Dispelling the Retcon of The Last Jedi nonsense

-Getting deep into recent The Rise of Skywalker rumors

-Reylo and Force Flashes

-REYLO pin symbolism.

-The Knights of Ren and their role

-Does Ben’s father return?

-Luke in the Rise of Skywalker

-Kylo’s potential fate and what’s the deal with his helmet?

-Listener feedback and more!

A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise of Skywalker Cast Speaks, New Leaks! (DOWNLOAD)
April 21, 2019

This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away with host Jon Justice:

-Continued The Rise of Skywalker Teaser talk

-Audio of cast and creator interviews

-The negativity in the fandom is the minority

-New leaks shed light on Reylo in TROS

-What the past films can tell us about the final Skywalker film

-Listener feedback and MORE!

A Star Wars Podcast: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown/Theories (Download
April 13, 2019

Continuing the coverage of all the breaking Star Wars news, from a Galaxy Far Far Away host Jon Justice dives in deep talking about the Rise of Skywalker trailer.

Listenener Feedback

A Star Wars Podcast: Reaction! The Rise of Skywalker Trailer & Panel (Download
April 12, 2019

From a Galaxy Far Far Away host Jon Justice share his first reaction to the Episode IX Panel and Celebration Chicago!
A Star Wars Podcast: (BONUS) Episode IX Reylo Leak and JJ Abrams Speaks (Download) 
April 9, 2019

This special bonus My Nerd World goes out to all those heading for Celebration in Chicago and covers a huge REYLO leak that dropped over the weekend.

-JJ Interview with Fast Company

-REYLO leak, Kylo Sen the struggle is real.

A Star Wars Podcast: Rian speaks! Celebration week and IX leaks. (Download) 
April 6, 2019

Host Jon Justice brings the latest news and commentary from a Galaxy Far Far Away!

This week!

-Rian Johnson talks new Star Wars with MTV at Knives Out promotion

-ROTJ flow into TFA

-Feelings, vibes and the Prequels, Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy

-Celebration My Nerd World plans for the coming week.

-Listener feedback!!
A Star Wars Podcast: Episode IX Skywalkers, Leaks and Titles! (Download) 
March 31, 2019

EP 165 from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice.

This week:

-More commentary on the recent leaks

-Potential opening for the movie


-EP 9 title speculation :Why Shmi Skywalker?

-The amazing vibe of Solo a Star Wars Story
A Star Wars Podcast: Breaking News Episode IX Poster Leak! (Download
March 27, 2019

From a galaxy far far away with Jon Justice comes news of the first promotional material for Episode IX to be leaked. See the images below! Full commentary and details on this special bonus podcast.
A Star Wars Podcast: Old Republic Trilogy? Anakin and Episode IX (Download)
March 23, 2019

This week from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice

-Anakin Skywalker coming to celebration

-More title talk? Will it be a spoiler? Is this marketing the right idea

-Next trilogy Old Republic?

-The season finale of Resistance was awesome

-Watching The Empire Strikes back. Disney expanding the universe.

-Listener feedback!!

A Star Wars Podcast: Episode IX “The Only Hope”? New Kylo Theory (Download)
March 16, 2019

This week from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice:

-Title leak?

-Does Lucasfilm orchestrate leaks?

-I never read the EU and the impact its had on my fandom

-Writing Episode IX The Director in the vision

-Listener feedback!! Emerging Kylo theory about EP9

A Star Wars Podcast: EPISODE IX PHOTO LEAK! Rian Johnson’s Trilogy? (158) DOWNLOAD
February 9, 2019

This week with Jon Justice from a galaxy far far away…

-Rian Johnsons Trilogy outline?

-HUGE Photo leak

-Photo Leak gives credibility to other leaks

-Listener feedback!



A Star Wars Podcast: Fairy Tale Future, Reylo guarantee in Episode 9? (157) DOWNLOAD
February 2, 2019

This week with Jon Justice from a galaxy far far away…

-Waiting for Episode 9 news is best for the fandom

-Are fairy tales the future of the Star Wars franchise

-If the PT did this? and the OT did this? will the ST do this? Reylo guarantee in Episode 9?

-Disney Animated films soon?

-Listener feedback! Promo code MNW for 20% off your first order!

A Star Wars Podcast: Reylo Connections, Leak Update for Ep9 (156) DOWNLOAD
January 26, 2019

This week from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice:

-The Last Jedi, people still can’t let it go and why it appears that way.
-Ahmed Best Jar Jar Binks speaks out.
-Was it Rian’s job to bring Kylo and Rey together?
-TONS of Listener feedback

A Star Wars Podcast: Ben’s Reylo, New EP9 Leaks! (155) DOWNLOAD
January 18, 2019

From a galaxy far far away Jon Justice brings the latest in Star Wars news.

Big show this week:

-What would Reylo mean specifically for Ben Solo?

-Ben really wanted to be a Jedi, will this be explored in Episode IX

-TONS of Listener feedback


A Star Wars Podcast: Reylo’s Redemption (154) DOWNLOAD
January 12, 2019

This week from a Galaxy Far Far away with host Jon Justice.

-Adam Driver says he knew where his character was going all along.

-The timeless feel of The Last Jedi.

-Raiders of the Lost Art and The Last Jedi.

-Why current anti-Star Wars fandom fuels the positive passion.

-lots of listener feedback and some controversy. Promo code MNW for 20% off

A Star Wars Podcast: Episode IX filming finished, trailer soon? (153) DOWNLOAD
January 5, 2019

This week from a Galaxy Far Far away with host Jon Justice.

-Has filming wrapped and is a trailer finished?

-Creating Episode IX and the influences of Carrie Fisher passing

-TONS of listener feedback! Promo code MNW for 20% off

A Star Wars Podcast: Reylo – A Sequel Trilogy Story (152) DOWNLOAD
December 29, 2018

This week from a galaxy far far away with host Jon Justice.

-The last show of 2018 as we wait for the marketing push of EP9 to begin.

-Force Ghosting and old ideas

-Episode 9 rumors and leaks

-Listener Feedback and more!

A Star Wars Podcast: The Last Jedi 1yr later, more IX leaks! (151) DOWNLOAD

December 16, 2018

From a Galaxy Far Far Away, host Jon Justice talks all things @StarWars
On weeks show:

-One year after the Last Jedi. Why Luke had to do what he did and how it’s the same Luke from ROTJ

-Why The Last Jedi and all the controversy is the best thing that could have happened to Star Wars and the fandom.

-More EP9 leaks, Kylo Ren Mask rumors

-Listener Feedback and more! Promo code MNW for 20% off

A Star Wars Podcast: Tons of new Episode IX leaks! (150) (download)

December 2, 2018
From a galaxy far far away host Jon Justice breaks down the latest in world of Star Wars.

-Is the Sequel trilogy missing a prophecy?

-Lots of apparent legitimate leaks about Episode 9 has surfaced including:

Planet confirmation?

Character ploy details

Info on Kylo Rens appearance and further Rey lightsaber information

Plot beginning to form?

Plus listener feedback and more.

A Star Wars Podcast: Begun the Waiting Game Has (149) (download)
November 25, 2018
This week from a galaxy far, far away with Jon Justice:

-It’s incredibly quiet in Star Wars movie news, is the silence part of the plan?

-The silence is working, driving demand for news

-First Christmas since 2015 without a new Star Wars movie, how to fill the void

-Listener feedback and more…

A Star Wars Podcast: LEAK! Rey’s lightsaber in Episode 9 (148) DOWNLOAD
November 17, 2018
From a galaxy far far away, Jon Justice talks all things Star Wars. This week:

-Jordon set visit leaked information reveals Rey’s outfit and lightsaber on desert location.

-Theme park galaxy edge details (TFA vibes?)

-Listener feedback and more!

A Star Wars Podcast: CASSIAN ANDOR LIVE-ACTION SERIES! (147  (download)

November 9, 2018
This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away w/ host Jon Justice:

-New Rogue One Prequel Cassian Andor live action TV show announced. Is this the solo sequel we were looking for?

-New Resistance was the best one yet?

A Star Wars Podcast: Calm before the Wars (146) (download)
Nov 5th 2018
This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away with Jon Justice:
-Will JJ Abrams get a full time job with Disney and Star Wars?
-New Resistance Episode
-Talking about other podcasts to check out
-Listener feedback

MNW – A Star Wars Podcast: Vaders Castle and Listener Feedback (145) (download)
October 31st, 2018
Jon Justice hosts a weekly look at Star Wars from a Galaxy Far Far Away… This week:
-The spooky joys of Tales from Vaders Castle
-Latest Resistance episode
-Revisiting the finale of Rebels
-Emotion in the story telling
-Listener feedback
And much more…

MNW – Star Wars: Celebration Europe Rogue One (EP57) (download)
July 16, 2016
Celebration Europe is underway and it was off to a rocky start. Host Jon Justice will discuss the spoilers in the Rogue One Panel, the trailer the fans didn’t get, the reel behind the scenes footage we did get and the teaser convention goers got. Jon breaks down all the new info, footage, exclusive interview with Gareth Edwards and much more! New picture of Rebels Thrawn

MNW – Star Wars: Planet Scarif (EP56)  (download) 
July 9, 2016
After taking a week off Jon Justice returns with news and details about Rogue One. Hear what was found and got Jon excited while visiting Downtown Disney on his California trip. The full Rogue One trailer is coming, what do we expect to see? Plus, EP8 has all but wrapped filming, has someone seen the movie already? This weeks topic will deal with Rey and her isolation on Jakku and specifically why it didn’t seem to bother her.

MNW – Star Wars: Crawling to Rogue One (EP55) (DOWNLOAD) 
June 26, 2016
In this weeks show, host Jon Justice covers the rest of the EW Rogue One details and pictures released this week. Plus, no decision has been made about whether the the “A Star Wars Story” non-Saga films will have an opening crawl. Jon gives his argument as to why he believes they must have a crawl. Email Jon at Pics!

MNW – Star Wars: BONUS – Rogue One Info Dump! (DOWNLOAD) 
June 22, 2016
Entertainment Weekly dropped a ton of character info about this years Star Wars Rogue One. Jon Justice breaks it all down and gives his thoughts.

MNW – Star Wars: a galaxy far far away… (EP54) (Download)
June 18, 2016
After taking a week off Jon Justice is back with the latest news and commentary from a galaxy far far away…In the news, John Williams wants to score EP8 for a very specific reason, release date for Star Wars Rebels season 2 on Blu-Rey, more Rogue One reshoot talk and what Jon hopes the film becomes. Discussion on why George Lucas ruined fantasy film making and how to really watch Star Wars. Email Jon at

MNW – Star Wars: Rogue FREAK OUT! (EP53.1) (Download) 
June 5, 2016
Host Jon Justice, after last weeks podcast noticed he never recorded an EP51, so welcome to EP53.1. This week Jon talks a little about the Prequel commentaries and how they changed his critiques of the PT. New rogue One Lego vehicle images and all the rumors and news surrounding the Rogue One reshoots!

MNW – Star Wars: Anakins Daddy Issues (EP53) Download
May 30, 2016
Slow news week in the Star Wars galaxy, but that doesn’t stop host Jon Justice from providing commentary and insight into the Star Wars universe. First up, new art work for Celebration London, Jon breaks down what it shows. For this weeks topic Jon discusses the importance of fathers as it relates to Anakin never having a father and the impact that it will have on the entire Star War

MNW – Star Wars: Rogue Leak! (EP52) Download
May 22, 2016
In Episode 52 host Jon Justice gives details on a leaked visual story guide for Rogue One. Plus, what will the Star Wars movie timeline look like going forward after we have more spin off films. How will the new films stand up against the “old school” film making of the original trilogy. Also, Jon lays down his belief that The Force Awakens would not have worked if the Prequels weren’t made.

MNW – Star Wars: Episode VIII Bigger Darker (EP50) (download)
May 16, 2016
It’s Episode 50 of the My Nerd World Star Wars podcast and host Jon Justice covers a ton of new insight and news on The Force Awakens and Episode 8. The editor of Ep 7 reveals new insight into the biggest movie of all time The Force Awakens. Plus the actors of Star Wars Episode 8 are talking and giving us new information on the next movie. Jon also runs down a list of things as a kid he learned from Ep 4 and 5…there is no up and down in space!

MNW – Star Wars: Pass on what you have learned (EP49) (download)
May 8, 2016
This weeks show focuses on the future of Star Wars. Will the cultural attachment to Star Wars go away with the generations of of fans who saw them in the theater? Will those generations pass them on to their children? Plus, more Rogue One spectulation, we have a new young Han Solo and just how long was Rey on Jakku?

MNW – Star Wars: Disneys Biggest Gamble (EP48) (DOWNLOAD)
April 29, 2016
My Nerd World Host Jon Justice covers news ranging from details about Rogue One, the Royals on the set of EP8, the return of A-Wings, Daisy Ridley trains and Disney/Lucasfilm biggest risk yet.

MNW – Star Wars: Return of Rey’s Parents (EP47) (DOWNLOAD)
April 17, 2016
After winning several MTV Movie Awards Daisy Ridley answers questions about Rey’s parents that send the Star Wars fandom buzzing. Then JJ Abrams takes it one step further in comments at a NY Film festival, only to walk the comments back, causing even more confusion. Jon has the audio and breaks it all down. Plus, why do the fans care so much about who Rey’s parents are? Plus the latest new of the week from a Galaxy Far Far Away.

MNW – Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Arrives! (EP46) (DOWNLOAD) 
April 8, 2016
The first Teaser Trailer arrives and Jon Justice gives his take and what it means for the larger universe of a galaxy far far away. Plus, did the trailer change the we watch A New hope?

MNW – Star Wars: Is Ahsoka Gone? (EP45) (DOWNLOAD) 
April 3, 2016
This weeks My Nerd World and Jon Justice breaks down the finale for season 2 of Rebels. Is Ahsoka dead? What are the larger implications of the Star Wars moves based off the events in Twilight of the Apprentice? Learn the secrets of the episode you might have missed. Plus the Force Awakens is now available to watch at home.

MNW – Batman V Superman Spoiler Review (DOWNLOAD)
March 26, 2016
Jon gives his mixed feelings and review for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

MNW – Star wars: Revisiting The Force Awakens (EP44) (DOWNLOAD)
March 26, 2016
With the digital and Blu-Rey release a week away and the movie leaking early online, Jon Justice revisits The Force Awakens and its massive success.

MNW – Star Wars: Return of the Prequels? (EP43) (DOWNLOAD)
March 19, 2016
After taking a week off the Star Wars Podcast returns as Jon Justice covers the recent news about the filming of Episode 8. The leaked production photos reveal a look for the next Star Wars saga movie that reminds us more of the Prequels than the Original Trilogy. Director Rian Johnson has said he was a Prequel fan, will he do for EP8 what JJ Abrams did for EP7. Plus Rogue One news as we continue to wait for the first trailer. All this and more from a galaxy far far away.

MNW – Star Wars: The Blu-Rey Awakens (EP42) (DOWNLOAD)
March 4, 2016
After a week off this is what you’ll hear. Blu-Ray Release Info, EP8 Fliming news, the latest on Rogue One, Prequel talk, more on Rey’s parents, how Episode 8 will begin and more!

MNW – Star Wars: First Footage of Episode VIII? (EP41) (DOWNLOAD)
February 21, 2016
We still don’t have any footage of this years Star Wars Story Rogue One, but we did perhaps get footage from Episode 8? A teaser video announcing the beginning of filming on the next Star Wars sage film came out this week revealing some interesting yet familiar new footage. What does this teaser video tells us about the next movie? Also some of the news from the week and a brief conversation about what makes us love the Star Wars universe so much.

MNW – Star Wars: The Resistance Rises, OT Vehicles (p40) (DOWNLOAD)
February 14, 2016
New LEGO shows coming to TV, Darth Maul returns to Rebels, TFA deleted scenes info, Obi Wan in EP8, watching The Phantom Menace after seeing The Force Awakens and more in EP40 of the My Nerd World Podcast hosted by Jon Justice.

MNW – Star Wars: Prequel Vehicles, Waiting on Rogue One (p39) (DOWNLOAD) 
February 7, 2016
With the Super Bowl about to begin hype grows for the first teaser trailer. Plus a few Episode 8 news items and Jon discusses his favorite and least favorite vehicles of the Prequel Trilogy

MNW – Star Wars: Slave 1 in Rogue One? (EP38) (DOWNLOAD) 
January 31, 2016
Jon Justice goes over the news of the week from a galaxy far far away. Costumes are on display for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in Germany at a toy convention as are clues to what classic vehicle may be returning to the Star Wars universe? Much of todays discussion will revolve around the vehicles of the galaxy and why they are so important to the story telling. Lastly, why Jon stopped caring about who Rey’s parents are and learned to love The Force Awakens even more.

MNW – Star Wars: Why Was 8 delayed? (EP37) DOWNLOAD
January 23, 2016

Star Wars Episode 8 has been delayed by 7 mths pushing its release to Dec 15 2017. Jon Justice discusses the pros and cons of the delay and whether making Star Wars a Christmas tradition is the right thing for Disney to do. The hype for Star Wars Rogue One has yet to start, do we need footage soon? Plus, Kylo Ren will never be Darth Vader. But Darth Vader will be in Rogue One. Plus much more in the weeks show.

MNW – Star Wars: The Mystery of Rey (EP36) DOWNLOAD
January 17, 2016

Jon Justice, fresh off his 6th viewing of Star Wars The Force Awakens can’t stop speculating on who Rey’s parents are. Fans all naturally assuming that in Episode 8 we will get a moment much like in Empire Strikes Back when Vader tells Luke he is his father? But what if Rey’s parents are not presented in a “twist” but more naturally? Jon discusses an important clue in the Force Awakens that dispels a popular theory that Rey was being trained as a Jedi before being dropped off on Jakku. Also hear about how Mark Hamill is fighting against fake autographs with legislation that would drop the hammer on fake memorabilia. And new details about this years Star Wars Story movie Rogue One.

MNW – Star Wars: China Awakens to the Force (EP35) DOWNLOAD
January 10, 2016

Star Wars The Force Awakens just opened in China to a new record as it continues its march to global dominance. Jon Justice talks about why Star Wars fans have such a desire to see the movie succeed. No movie is without it’s critics and The Force Awakens is no different. Why the critics are really stretching in trying to downplay the films success. Hear why so many of us should probably stop trying to guess who Reys parents are. Plus the pressure is on for the next Star Wars movie due at the end of the year Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jon discusses what he believes the story will entail and how the movie almost has to be better than The Force Awakens, from a certain point of view. Also answering questions from email.
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MNW – Star Wars: Special Guest TFA Breakdown (EP34) DOWNLOAD
January 2, 2016

President of the Institute for Liberty, host of the LangerCast and Uber Star Wars fan Andrew Langer joins the show to talk all things The Force Awakens. EP7 of the Star Wars saga is about to become the highest grossing film of all time, what is it that is making the movie so successful? The continued question of who Rey’s parents are is discussed. Do current geo-politics matter or relate at all to the Star Wars saga success? Is Kylo Ren a villain made for a new generation? All this and much more in this latest Podcast!

MNW – Star Wars: One Billion and Counting (EP33) DOWNLOAD
December 27, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens is now a cultural phenomenon Jon Justice discusses the reasons why audiences are going back to theater again and again. In 1977 the catch phrase around A New Hope was “May the Force be with you”, in 2015 it’s been replaced with “How many times have you seen The Force Awakens”? The movie was smart to leave many questions unanswered and yet we as viewers are dying to know those answers now. Find out why Jon believes that Star Wars is much different now in the age of the internet and social networking. For the main topic Jon breaks down the multiple theories about Rey and who her parents are. It’s only been one week since the Force Awakens has hit the theaters and already it’s made One Billion dollars faster than any other movie in history.

JJShow Bonus: Nothing but Star Wars! DOWNLOAD
December 20, 2015

Jon complies all the Star Wars The Force Awakens talk from Thursday and Fridays show, including his spoiler free review, lightsaber instudio talk with April Madison and much more!!

MNW – Star Wars: Spoiler Review The Force Awakens (EP32) DOWNLOAD 
December 19, 2015

Jon Justice takes you on his journey waiting in line to watch Star Wars the Force Awakens for the first time. Why did his opinion of the movie change after the first time seeing it and has it now become his favorite Star Wars movie? Hear about what the novelization exposes that was left out the movie. Why are so many people going to see this film and did it live up to the hype? It’s the podcast that Jon Justice has been looking forward to doing since the very first one, the spoiler review of The Force Awakens.

MNW – Star Wars: A Day Long Remembered (EP31) DOWNLOAD 
December 13, 2015

Jon Justice takes a deep breath before the dive as only days remain until The Force Awakens hits the silver screen. Find out Jons thoughts on what really made the original Star Wars so special, will The Force Awakens be able to capture the magic again. The hype grows leading up to the world premiere Monday night in Hollywood, will the movies secrets leak out before its debut later in the week? With everything that has been shown so far and all the positive buzz surrounding the movie is there anyway to avoid inevitable backlash? Its been a long Journey but the day has almost arrived and all our questions will be answered!

MNW – Star Wars: A Renewed Hope (EP30) DOWNLOAD
December 6, 2015

Jon Justice continues counting down to the most anticipated movie of arguably all time with only 11 days to go until The Force Awakens. Jon Justice breaks down exactly how much footage we have seen, how Star Wars is everywhere and on the minds of everyone, Carrie Fisher and that Gold slave bikini, plus Han shooting first and why it matters. Plus revisiting Star Wars A New Hope on the Journey to the Force Awakens!

MNW – Star Wars: All The Way (EP29) DOWNLOAD
November 27, 2015

This week on the My Nerd World Star Wars Show, more TV spot audio, AMA Pentatonix Performance, Soundtrack listing, who has seen the movie and Jon’s continued Journey to The Force Awakens.

MNW – Star Wars: “Hell No!” (EP28) DOWNLOAD
November 22, 2015

Jon Justice is counting down to what may be the biggest movie in history The Force Awakens. The marketing machine continues to turn out more footage and pictures of the new movie, while new books reveal huge plot points. Adam Driver who plays villain Kylo Ren shares some interesting details about the true nature of his character. Jon continues his own Journey to The Force Awakens, this week he is watching EP2 Attack of the Clones. Hear Jon’s thoughts on the movie and how the process of making the Prequels differs greatly from how this new Sequel trilogy is being made. In less than one month all of our questions will be answered and the My Nerd World Star Wars podcast has you covered every Par Sec of the way!

MNW – Star Wars: “You might need this” (EP27)
November 16, 2015 Download

Jon Justice covers the huge week of news as the marketing machine for Star Wars the Force Awakens kicks into high gear. Entertainment Weekly released a series of articles online covering characters, plots, weapons and more from the new movie. More footage from the films in the form of TV spots have also appeared shedding further details and adding new questions to the films story. Jon also begins his own personal “Journey to the Force Awakens”, planning to watch all six films over the next few weeks leading directly into The Force Awakens on Thursday Dec 17th. Journey to a Podcast Far Far Away with this weeks My Nerd World show.

MNW – Star Wars Bonus: New Force Awakens TV SPOT!
November 8, 2015 Download 

New footage, new dialogue, new questions are raised with a new unannounced The Force Awakens TV spot. Jon breaks it all down and give his thoughts on who he thinks Rey is related to.

MNW – Star Wars : There is Another…TRAILER! (EP26)
November 6, 2015 Download 

Jon Justice after what everyone thought was the final new footage of Star Wars the Force Awakens, the international trailer for Japan drops on Friday and stuns the fandom with all new footage and dialog. Jon breaks down the new footage and what it all means for the plot of the movie. Plus, new character posters are released and a terminally ill Texas man has his dying Star Wars wish full filled.
MNW – Star Wars: Slave Leia Banned? (EP25)
November 2, 2015 Download

Jon Justice has special guest Drew Lee back on the podcast to talk about the Slave Leia continued controversy and political correctness, who has seen the Force Awakens and what are they saying? Jon talks about the Dark Side of the force and the implied nature of the Dark Side in the movies. Plus did last weeks Rebels give a clue as to who the Knights of Ren actually are? I hope you enjoy this weeks show.

10/24/15 MNW – Star Wars: Trailer Theory (EP24) Download

Jon Justice, after having a week to digest the new trailer offers up a unique perspective on our final look of Star Wars The Force Awakens before it’s Dec release. How much thought was put into the trailer itself and did Lucasfilm intentionally create it to mirror the attitude and opinion of the Star Wars universe to a younger generation of potential fans. Jon also discusses why the original trilogy worked on a realism level that the prequel trilogy did not. Go further in depth into a galaxy far far away with EP 24 of the My Nerd World Star Wars Podcast.

10/19/15 MNW – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Trailer Reaction (EP23) download

Jon Justice gives his instinctive reaction to full and final trailer to Star Wars The Force Awakens. Hear Jon’s thoughts on what was revealed in the 2:35 of almost all new Star Wars footage. Find out why for a entire generation this trailer and new movie mean so much and what can we expect come Dec 18th in theaters!

10/09/15 MNW – Star Wars: The Fan Hype is Real (EP22) Download

Jon Justice discusses a few of the latest news items before revealing that the first full trailer for The Force Awakens is a week away. With new footage on the horizon Jon gets into detail about being a Star Wars fan. Also hear why the time right now, as we await this first new movie, is the last time hardcore fans will be able to experience this level of hype and excitement.

10/2/15 MNW – Why the World needs Star Wars (EP21) Download

Jon Justice covers the week that was news in the Star Wars Universe. New revelations coming from Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy in a Costco magazine reveal new plot details from the Force Awakens. There is still no trailer and Jon wonders just how long it will be until it arrives. Lastly Jon lays out why he feels the world needs Star Wars right now.

09/26/15 MNW – Anakin (Hayden) Returns? (EP20) Download

Jon Justice is restless as the world waits for the full trailer to the most anticipated film of the year. With less than three months to the unexpected slow trickle of new Star Wars movie news has Jon wondering if the marketing plan so far is the right way to promote this movie. Director JJ Abrams is notorious for wanting to maintain the mystery of his movies, is this creating confusion with fans who are getting a lot of info from toys with almost no footage of the film being released. just posted info on a new set of Force Awakens books that provide a few new clues to the movie. Plus, Jon tackles the idea of the Force and how important that idea was for him as a kid.

09/19/15 MNW – Star Wars: Trailer Countdown (EP19) Download
Jon Justice, after a week off, returns with commentary on the upcoming seventh film in the Star Wars Franchise. Hear Jon’s thoughts on why Disney hasn’t stocked the shelves with enough toys to satisfy the demand. Plus how soon will the full trailer be released, how important is it for the new characters to be related in some way and does the new generation of Star Wars fans care as much about families the way we did when we were kids watching Episodes 4, 5 and 6? Its another packed podcast by a fan for the fan of a Galaxy Far Far Away.

09/05/15 MNW – Star Wars: Force Friday! (EP18) Download

Jon Justice takes you on a journey with release of the new Star Wars toys on Force Friday! Hear his adventures of tracking down his list of toys and which of latest characters from The Force Awakens have become the hardest to find. Plus, tons of new information about the stars of the film Kylo Ren, Finn and Rey has come to light, as has the true motivation of the First Order. It’s one of the most packed podcasts yet and a must listen for Star Wars fans.

08/28/15 MNW – Star Wars: Teaser 3 breakdown (EP17) Download 

Jon Justice brings you a weeks worth of news in one podcast. Starting the podcast last Sunday August 23rd anticipating more info to come from Empire magazine that had teased two Force Awakens covers, he decided to wait to finish the podcast. Now on Friday Jon is glad he waited as the world was given a new short teaser trailer with never before scene footage! Jon breaks down the teaser, gives his speculation and “spoilers” of what he believes the footage reveals. Plus, hear a review of the documentary on artist Drew Struzan, creator of all the Star Wars saga posters. This podcast is packed with Star Wars news and commentary, including how the movie will have an even bigger impact on the holiday season.

08/15/15 MNW – Star Wars: Explosion of News! (EP16) Download

Jon Justice discusses a huge week in the world of all things Star Wars. D23 in Anaheim just wrapped up with tons of news about the Force Awakens and the future of the sequel trilogy. An old Star Wars artist favorite returns to the Star Wars family, director news, spin off film details and new theme park information is all covered. Plus this week tons a new toys leaked online, Entertainment Weekly coverage and new movie footage from a Korean TV spot. And who is Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren?

08/07/15 MNW – Star Wars: The Toys Awaken (EP15)  Download

Jon Justice discusses how it’s been quiet when it comes to news leaks of the new movie except for many toys that are starting to hit stores ahead of “Force Friday” Sept 4th the official day for new Star Wars toys to be on the shelves. Jon describes the toys and delves into why he likes the look of the new vehilces, taking cues from the original trilogy. Also, Disney CEO lowers international expectations and why that’s not a bad thing. Plus, Actor Adam Driver, who plays villain Kylo Ren explains how JJ Abrams directs The Force Awakens and why Jon feels the focus of the new movie will lean heavily on a strong story arch over three films, while already looking fantastic based off the teasers we have seen so far.

07/25/15 MNW – Star Wars: Sequel or Reboot? (EP14) Download 

After taking a week off the My Nerd World Star Wars Podcast is back! In the audio you will hear, why there is bonus content at the end of the Podcast, Practical Effects vs CGI and is George Lucas not getting a fair shake over the prequel trilogy and its use or over use of CGI work? Plus extensive talk about whether or not The Force Awakens will be sequel, reboot or a combo of the two like Jurassic World.

07/11/15 MNW – Star Wars: The Force is Strong at Comic Con (EP13) Download

Jon Justice splits up the conversation this week into two parts. The first part before the anticipated Comic Con Panel, expectations and Director/Actor Kevin Smith’s thoughts on what he thinks we take place during the biggest Panel of the weekend. The second half is after the panel has concluded where Jon will recap who was there, what was shown and what was said. The Force Awakens arrives in fives months and San Diego Comic Con continues the hype building of this years most anticipated movie!

06/28/15 MNW – Star Wars: Rise of Ruthless Brutality (EP12)

Jon Justice gives new details lifted from leaked The Force Awakens toy merchandise detailing how the new films “First Order” is not the “Empire” last seen in Return of the Jedi. Jon recalls a previous podcast where in he discussed what might be the motivation of military power of the sequel trilogy and how this new information fits into his theory. Plus, analysts are predicting that The Force Awakens could because the third highest grossing film of all time. Does the current shift of politics in America and sense of uncertainty about the future of country set up the publics anticipation of The Force Awakens the same way the mood of the public in the late 1970’s set up the original Star Wars film to be the blockbuster it became?

06/20/15 MNW – Star Wars: The Phantom Spoilers (EP11) Download

It was a huge week for Star Wars Leaks, from “legends” comic books that may have inspired the plot for the The Force Awakens to new character pictures of old faces. Host Jon Justice breaks down merchandise leaks from Cover Girl that reveal dialogue from The Force Awakens and screen grabs from the actual movie. Plus Jon talks about what the one thing is that all six movies all got right. It’s a jam packed Star Wars Podcast from start to finish!

06/13/15 MNW – Star Wars: Return of the Magic (EP10)         Download Here

What does the original Jurassic Park and Star Wars A New Hope tell us about moving making and what we can expect from The Force Awakens. Christopher Lee AKA Count Dooku passes away at age 93. Star Wars is heading to Comic Con in July, are we getting the full trailer? Plus we take a trip down memory lane to the opening of the first Star Wars and ask the question, Can The Force Awakens bring back that magic we all felt in the 1970’s?

06/06/15 MNW – Star Wars: Waking Up the Force! (EP9) DOWNLOAD HERE

It’s Episode 9 of the My Nerd World Star Wars Podcast. The main topic of the show will be, “just how important are the original trilogy characters for The Force Awakens and the entire sequel trilogy?” Plus, does the title “The Force Awakens” have more implications than just relating to Episode 7? News this week includes a leaked list of Lego products, comic book news (Is Han Solo married?) new post ROTJ mobile game, The Force Awakens merchandise found in Mexico, is Obi-Wan getting his own trilogy of movies and much more…Chewy…We’re Home, listening to the My Nerd World Podcast.

05/30/15 MNW – Star Wars: Snoke Supreme (EP8) DOWNLOAD HERE

New toy lego toy images for TFA, a potential plot synopsis, we now know the name of actor Andy Serkis character and what it might mean for the movie. Plus trying to stay potentially spoiler free.

05/22/15 MNW – Star Wars: Rogue Spoilers (EP7) DOWNLOAD HERE

It’s Episode 7 of the My Nerd World Star Wars podcast hosted by Jon Justice. The first Star Wars spin off “Anthology” movie is called Rogue One and set to hit theaters Dec of 2016. Jon talks about the latest news/spoilers about the film that takes place just before Star Wars EP4 A New Hope in the Star Wars timeline. Plus, The Force Awakens news, are the 80’s making a comeback and are new films like Tomorrowland along with Star Wars paving the way? Also, Jon shares a new theory on the plot of The Force Awakens.

05/14/15 MNW – Star Wars: Return of the Mystery Box (EP6)

Jon Justice is joined by Radio Program Director and talk show host Andrew lee in this My Nerd World Episode 6 Star Wars Podcast. Hear about the latest news surrounding the second spin off “Anthology” movie, will it based on Boba Fett? Audio from George Lucas on his original idea for The Force Awakens. Vanity Fair released a ton of production photos from the set of Episode 7. Is there a medieval influence over The Force Awakens? Also hear audio from director JJ Abrams talking about the “Mystery Box”, what is it and why it makes good movies? Plus a lot of opinion and commentary Listen here

05/04/15 MNW – Star Wars Day Bonus Podcast: May the 4th be with you!

In this Star Wars Day podcast you get a brief conversation with Andrew Langer from todays May 4th Jon Justice Show. Plus as a bonus, we go back to a podcast discussion with Andrew from last year after the first The Force Awakens Teaser trailer in Nov. May The 4th be with you! Listen here

From Nov 2014
This Bonus, MNW – JJ Podcast is really the Parade of Stupid Podcast that I have been doing with Andrew Lee/Zach. I wanted to get together with Andrew and expand upon my reaction to the trailer podcast I did, get his impressions, dive into the reason why people are excited about the new trailer, the mythos of Star Wars and the future of the new trilogy. I think we succeeded. Enjoy!

04/29/15 MNW – Star Wars: Attack of the First Order (5)

It’s Episode 5 of the My Nerd World Star Wars Podcast. Host Jon Justice talks 1977 toys and his collection, will we get another The Force Awakens trailer attached to Age of Ultron? Bringing back the mythology of the original trilogy and much more from a Galaxy Far Far Away….(FYI: I came up with a Theory about the First Order during the podcast, after which I listened to the ForceCast #349 and the group reviewing the Teaser 2 came up with the same theory, I think we all maybe on to something) Listen here

4/20/15 MNW – Star Wars: TFA Teaser 2 reaction, Rogue One and Post Celebration! (4)

Coming fresh from Star Wars Celebration, The Force Awakens teaser reaction, Rogue One news, Celebration recap, Special Guest LangerCast host Andrew Langer and much more Star Wars! Download here

4/17/15 MNW – Star Wars Podcast update for this week.

First off….WHAT ABOUT THAT TEASER TRAILER 2!!!! Fantastic and so dense it’s almost beyond words. My comments last week on the podcast don’t even come close now to how much more excited and confident I am about The Force Awakens. I’m currently in Anaheim attending Star Wars Celebration and really wanted to get a new Trailer reaction podcast posted, but alas the celebration has kept me from a mic and recording device. I am heading back to Tucson Saturday (sadly). I hope to have a new podcast up before the weekend is over, until then May the Force be with, always.

04/10/15 – MNW – Star Wars: The Hype is building for The Force Awakens!

One week from celebration, leaked images online, Avenger VS the Force Awakens, why Episode 7 will be the best Star Wars movie yet and much much more in this My Nerd World Podcast. Download here

4/05/15 MNW –  Star Wars: Pre-Release TFA Trailer 2

With only weeks away until the release of the SW The Force Awakens second trailer, host Jon Justice discusses what we can expect, what he learned watching other JJ Abrams movie trailers, why he likes podcasting and waiting with all the other fans for the next footage of the Star Wars saga to be released! Listen here

Jon Justice Instant Reaction to the Force Awakens teaser Trailer

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