Jon Justice

Author, Radio Host, Podcast Host

Jon “Justice” LoGiudice lives with his wife, Melinda, and their two sons, Logan and Kyle, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jon is the author of the EMBARK book trilogy and a radio personality of 24 years. Host of the weekly My Nerd World: A Star Wars Podcast.

Hear him on Justice & Drew at Twin Cities News Talk!

Jon Justice writes novels for people who love movies.

Embark is an epic space opera adventure and first of all new series. Inspired by the story telling of Star Wars, Ready Player One, sci-fi and fantasy, with a dash of 80’s, 90’s and current pop culture. Embark should appeal to hardcore science fiction fans, as well as those looking for a story filled with heart, action, friendship and love. A fun read for the young and old.

Book 1. In hours, Earth faces decimation, and the only escape is outer space. Learn more by clicking here!

Book 2. The battle is over, but for Earth’s evacuees, searching for a new normal on a far off world, the danger is just beginning.  Learn more by clicking here!

Book 3. The war for peace is about to begin. Learn more by clicking here!

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